Are you SERIOUS!? (DCA)

Some Wisconsin (read: brief, succinct, to the point, all business) Notes on Today:

– 5:30 Everyone was on time. The bounce went swimmingly. 5:30 is REALLY good at moving their elbows in opposite directions. What happens at 5:30 stays at 5:30. If you want to know, JUST SHOW UP.

– On to 6:30.

– We warmed up our rotator cuffs (that’s near your shoulder, right?)

– Some people we never met before got a giant en masse hug from 200 people they’d never met before. Every newbie verbaled right then and there to come back every day for the rest of their lives. NICE WORK EVERYONE.

– Yeehaw. Booyah. BOOM. But five times fast. Really fast.

– Fast forward to the middle of the workout when we’re all just heads down, nose to the grind, running logs, and Johnny McEnroe runs down the steps, FULL OUT SPRINT yelling “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS. ARE YOU SERIOUS? NO SPICE? WTF? HERE IS SOME SPICE.” Tennis balls started flying.

– We complied. Spiced it up. Burpees, slurpees (those are one legged burpees, my friend), partner planks (or towers), hoistees (BUTTS TO THE GROUND), f*ck yeah push-ups, squats, etc., etc., etc. (Emphasis on etc.) Johnny calmed down.


– THERE WERE SOME ALL OUT SPRINTS TO THE TOP. Abe watched, calmly, all nonchalant like. Unfazed.

– At the end, we made roughly 17 groups of ten. Each person in those groups did 1 push up, then 2 push-ups, then 3 push-ups, then 4 push-ups, then 5 push-ups. That’s 15 each. And 15 times 17 is roughly 125,000. So if you think about it, we probably ended up doing 300,000 push-ups altogether.

THIS SHIT IS GOOD. This blog is accurate?

FRIDAY, earn your weekend here: Calvert St. Bridge (true story)


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