A Little of This & A Little of That (PHL)

This morning was just like neapolitan ice cream… sorta… okay, not really. Not at all actually, I guess it had 3 parts, that was the only similarity, unless ice cream makes your whole body ache on the spot!

We started the workout as we always do – stair suicides. Following these there were decks upon decks of cards spread out at the top of our steps for the tribe to choose. Pull a 2-9 and grab a partner, double that number and perform hosities with said pal. As you can imagine, this lead to a lot of hoisties & yelling hoisties & YAHOOS! Pull a face card and rip a “Gilroy 2.0” = race down the steps, recover on the way back up to the top – add in the face card numbers’ worth of pushups before pulling another card, for good measure of course. That leaves us with 10s and the aces, upon which the tribe ran to the front of the Art Museum, and jumped the steps – touched the doors and raced back — to grab another card and keep moving.

We did all this for about 50 mins and we all were rocking and sweating and running and hugging and encouraging each other. It was a blissful morning at the steps, and yeah, we’ll all be sore tomorrow, but these are always my fave workouts, and we’ll all be better for it!!

Thanks to those who made it out and made the morning special! See everyone on Friday at Lemon Hill!



Mayor’s Cup: We will be fielding a team for the first annual Mayor’s Cup event on August 8, 2015. Richie G. is spearheading the official NP team. Each person can sign up for one event so let’s coordinate via this google doc to nail down out this team will be assembled.

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