Anything for 5 Minutes (YEG)

This morning’s workout was as much about the message as it was about the workout. While I don’t want to diminish all of the pushups, squats, lunges, burpees, planks and mountain climbers that you completed, I hope that you also took away the message that you can do anything for 5 minutes…or 10 minutes…or 30 seconds…or one week…or one year. It’s all about perspective.

During the most stressful times I find I use this principal to break time/tasks/challenges down into manageable chunks. During a race, when my mind tells me I’m struggling I start to break the distance down, km by km. I know I can run a strong kilometer, so I focus on one kilometer at a time. Before I know it I’m through the hardest part and on my way to the finish line and you can do anything for those last 5-10 minutes!

I feel like Wednesday I am going to need to draw on this message. I feel like every Wednesday I need to remind myself that I can push for 30 minutes and this Wednesday it’s a 59-minute challenge! I know that my mind will want to quit before my body and by the time I am tackling the upper bowl, it’ll be section by section…up by up…one step at a time (ok…a little cheesy with the last one but it is true!)

Can’t wait to see everyone Wednesday morning whether it’s at 5:30 for the Old96er or Gristle Challenge or at 6:00 for a Get-as-far-around-the-stadium-as-you-can Challenge!


Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium Gate 2

  • 5:30 AM Old96er or Gristle Challenge
  • 6:00 AM 30 Minute Stadium Tour

Friday – Walterdale Hill 6 AM

Until next time…SMILE!

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