Peace & Fitness at Martin’s Park (BOS)

On April 15, 2013, a devastating event happened within the city of Boston. During the running of the Boston Marathon, two bombs were set off at and near the finish line, which resulted in the deaths of 3 people and life-altering injuries of hundreds more. Many people who were there that day and even those who weren’t were impacted by the marathon bombing, and thankfully, the city of Boston has not forgotten about those hurt and the eventual 4 people killed in the event.

Martin Richard was 8 years old and was watching the marathon with his family–when he lost his life. He is often remembered for well-circulated photograph of him, in which he is holding a sign he made with this simple phrase: “no more hurting people…peace.” I’m not the first to note how profound his sentiment was, given the violent and hurtful nature of his death. And in honor of Martin and his desire to offer peace to people, and to the world, the Martin Richard Foundation was founded in 2014 to promote unity, kindness, and peace.

One of the many beautiful ways that the Martin Richard Foundation is positively impacting the city with these powerful values is through the design and construction of Martin’s Park. Located on the Fort Point Channel, next to the Children’s Museum, the space, formerly known as Children’s Wharf Park, is now an incredible, fun, welcoming, inclusive, creative, beautiful, peaceful park for all to gather, to play, to move and explore, and to experience everything the foundation is intentional about growing in the world. It is not a traditional playground with a couple of swings and slides. It is purposeful, creative, and inclusive to all the various needs and desires of park-goers. There are multiple ways to access every area of the park. There are smaller, more intimate, and more sound-buffered areas. There are spaces for music, for water, for activity, and for stillness.

And it was our honor this morning to bring November Project to the park to celebrate the togetherness, playfulness and joy, and the wonder that the park inspires. We had an awesome workout filled with circuits of fitness movements that went up and down climbing walls, through a sailboat, up and over bridges, down slides, and out onto the harborwalk. There was also a giant game of tag, and nothing is more fun than tag in a park and on a playground, with a whole group of grown ups at 7am.

We’re grateful for both the Martin Richard Foundation and the city of Boston for Martin’s Park. Not only for NP_Boston’s first workout there, but for the fact that it exists to honor and remember Martin, and to inspire the future of the greater city to live with kindness, peace, and to build an inclusive community that we are all a part of.


WEDNESDAY is PR day – come ready to race yourself for your fastest time.

It’s also “Bring Your Own PR Chain” – We always have the PR chain which you take a photo wearing when you set a new PR. And on Wed, we’re asking you to bring a medal of some kind that you’re interested in donating to We Finish Together, in honor of the founder of this initiative, Kim Stemple. Kim’s life ended far too soon, after a long battle with cancer, and as a deeply-loved NP member, formerly of Boston and more recently of DC, we’re honoring her fight and her mission to offer inspiration to everyone who needs it by re-purposing our medals. By collecting these medals (and then enhancing with inspirational mantras, quotes, and other decorations), they can be game-changers and spirit-boosters to those going through difficult life circumstances. We’ve got a handful of really dedicated folks in Boston who will collect your medals on Wed and will organize opportunities to decorate and infuse the medals with new inspiration. Stay tuned for more info about decorating, and PLEASE BRING YOUR MEDALS TO DONATE.

AND #GRASSROOTSGEAR TAGGING will be happening, so definitely bring your gear that is missing a big NOVEMBER PROJECT across its chest and get that situation fixed. Drop off your gear with the paint crew before your workout and pick it up after your workout! Light colored, bright colored shirts work best, as we only use black spray paint for tagging.

Note: If you want to volunteer for the #paintcrew, send me (Emily Saul) a message on FB or IG.

FRIDAY is the LAST day of #IndianaJunes. Just show up. (to Corey Hill Outlook Park, Brookline. At 6:29am)

NEXT MONDAY 7/1 our workout will be at Thomas Menino Park, next to Spaulding Rehab. Map location right HERE.

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