Animal Style – Guest Blog by James Greenebaum (LAX)

Let me introduce you to James. James is a long-time member of NP_LAX, and amazing athlete who is taking on a full ironman in a few weeks, and one of my best friends in the whole damn world. He had some things to say about what we do here, so without further ado, take it away, buddy:


I showed up to November Project nearly two years ago for the first time as a very different person than I am now. I attribute a lot of who I am and what I do to the positive energy, support, good vibes, excitement and generally weird people who constituted November Project Los Angeles. Over the last 2 years, this tribe grew from a small group of weirdos to a massive entity…of weirdos. I have always felt great pride in the free-flying, happy go lucky, go with the flow, flexible (literally and figuratively) and generally “lax” tribe that is NP_LAX.


I fell in love with November Project because I was surrounded by a group of people with a goal to push harder than they had the day before; mentally, socially, and physically. I have gone through periods of time when I couldn’t show up due to work conflicts or due to my own personal training schedules for races that didn’t align perfectly with November Project workouts, but I kept coming back and feeling the same energy multiplied exponentially. The tribe grew and the energy grew. Unwieldly at times, and I thank the tireless efforts of Tara, Ben and Steve for all that they do each day to harness that energy towards kickass workouts and a sense of community.

I’ve experienced my most challenging races alongside Tribe Members, I’ve grieved deaths in the family, I’ve struggled with body image, I’ve seen promotions, injury, stress, fear, anger, excitement, tears of joy and sadness. I’ve gained a Family, a #fam, a Wife (but like not really, I’m gay and single, but like you know…a wife? A few wives? It’s complicated).


I’ve experienced all of this because of November Project Los Angeles and November Project as a whole. It’s because of these experiences that I fell in love with November Project. It is a free fitness movement, and an opportunity to make it more than that if you’re looking for it. Or you can just show up once or twice or three times a week. That’s why I love it.

I did not fall in love with November Project because of the exactness of the stopwatch that starts and ends the workout, I did not fall in love with November Project because I or anyone else can’t do a perfect pushup. I did not fall in love with November Project because someone gets called out for doing their own thing on the side. I did not fall in love with November Project because they wore cute clothes to the workouts. I fell in love with November Project because of the opposite. We are flexible, we go 2 minutes longer or 1 minute short, we work to the best of our abilities and support each other in that with positive encouragement, we wear whatever we want (or don’t want in some cases…#toftb 😉 ) and we have no reason to censor ourselves. NP_LAX is a safe space and an empowering space.

I fell in love because we are praised and encouraged for continuing to, at the very least and above all else, move our bodies in the way that feels healthiest and most empowering.


Each day that we show up to a workout, to an unofficial workout, to a social, and everything else, I hope that we all remember the excellence that we can create in the world by showing up with positivity and good vibes. We don’t just show up for ourselves because we don’t go through our lives by ourselves. Our words, our actions and our energy both inside and outside of the Hollywood Bowl (or wherever it is that you choose to show up) have the power to enhance the lives of those around us.


November Project is powerful, and we all know that with great power comes great responsibility (JLo, that was for you). The responsibility, in this case, is social responsibility. November Project has enhanced my life, and being at the workout this morning, I noticed more than ever the ability of a welcome back, a high five, a hug and a kiss on the cheek to make me feel happy and at home. Keep doing that, and don’t worry about being the fastest or the strongest or the last one or the most perfect or what time we start or how many reps we were supposed to do. There are much better ways to harness your fucking AMAZING energy. Do good with that energy and good will come right back to you.


NP SUMMIT 4.0 – Wish your tribe members luck in their races this weekend!

FRIDAY, 6:27 am, Batcaves at Griffith Park

  • We won’t be there, but rest assured you’re in great hands with our babysitters Kevin and Maggie
  • Location can be found on the tracker! 

YEARBOOK PHOTOS: WED 7/20, 5:27/6:27 am, Hollywood Bowl

  • The theme is NP PROM: A NIGHT TO REMEMBER so show up in your fancy clothes but be ready to work out in them.
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