And then there were two (SEA)

When November Project Seattle got its start way back in August of 2015, we were once-a-weekers and that’s how we liked it.  Times were simpler back then.  We’d bitch and moan our way up Kite Hill because we were out of shape and only came to the workouts in hopes of hearing an announcement for an upcoming social event.  We didn’t come to hug, and bounce, and sweat, and get better.  No; we came to scout out the dating scene because if he or she looked good in that hour, you were off to a strong start.  Above all else, we came in hopes of Kevin Rutherford buying coffee at Miir post-workout (it’s been a while, Kev!).

Times they are a-changin’, folks.  Now, all of a sudden, we’re all in shape, the hill doesn’t kick our ass like it once did, we actually enjoy coming to the workouts, and we’re like… legitimately friends with one another.  So, we’re forced to make a change.

Look on the bright side.  You are all part of an elite group of people who will be able to look back on the first eight months of November Project Seattle’s existence and say, “I was there when it was just Wednesdays.” Or, if you’re Max Thayer and Steve Quigg, you can tell the story how they remember it… “Back in our day, we had to walk to November Project every Wednesday morning… In the snow… Uphill… Both ways!”

It’s an exciting time for all of us and we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce a second workout each week.  With your help, we will tour the city every Friday with different workouts around Seattle.  Let’s make this city our playground.


Friday, April 29 – 6:29am at the Howe Street Stairs

  • This will be our last Pop-Up Workout before we go live with Fridays on May 6.  Be there.

Friday, May 6 – 6:29am at the Seattle Center

  • This is the one we’ve been building for and the one that we want to #RecruitEveryone.
  • If you need any recruiting tips, please see this video.
  • For this workout, we’ll be passing out The North Face vouchers for our TNF + NP SEA Community Builder and Social Event (see below)

Sunday, May 8 – 10:00am at The North Face Store Downtown

  • Thanks to the homie, Andrew Sporrer and the folks at The North Face, we’re teaming up for an awesome community building and social event for those who attend November Project Seattle’s first Friday workout.
  • It’s simple – Show up to the Friday workout (May 6) and receive a voucher worth $10 off your purchase of $50 or more.  Bring your voucher to The North Face at 10:00am and take part in a private shopping event.
  • On top of that, The North Face will be giving out a Thermoball jacket of your choosing, a small Basecamp Duffle, and a Recon backpack.
  • I could go on all day… or you could look at the event HERE.

The tribe is strong. Onward.

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