Amanda and Gary Lead the Herd (7/15/2016)

Thank you Amanda and Gary for stepping in and stepping up to lead the Tribe in our absence.  We knew the Tribe would be in good hands.  Sorry for the delay in posting — poor internet up North and hangovers may have contributed to the tardiness.  Read more about this past Friday in their own words…

This morning was a blast. For real. Thank you, Philadelphia tribe, for showing up: despite the excessive heat warning, despite the hills, despite the guest leaders. Because you BROUGHT IT in the best way possible.

This week has been taken over by Amanda and Gary: two long-standing NP_PHL tribespeople (who happened to meet at this ol’ workout….)

We gathered at Lemon Hill. We bounced. We bounced high. We hugged. We met new people. And we hugged them extra. We split the group in two: one half stayed with Amanda, the other half followed Gary. Both put 15 minutes on the clock. Team Amanda worked a descending ladder on the Mortimer hill — but we stopped at the first tree grove (excessive heat warning). At the yield sign: complete 10 star jumps. At the tree grove: complete 10 pushups. Go down by two each rep until you hit the bottom — then climb back up.

Team Gary went to the grassy fields of the Lemon Hill picnic area (#2) where two decks of cards were spread out, a line marked by patriotic Solo cups between the cards. The group started at the center line. One half sprinted in one direction to complete mountain climbers based on the face value of the playing card. The other half sprinted in the opposite direction to complete the number of sit ups designated on the playing card. When they met in the middle, they had to find a partner for an armless hug (or two). Every so often, Gary shouted: Hug a stranger!

The workout ended with a twist: a new workout jam, Little Richards Tutti Fruitti. Simple: when he sings Tutti Frutti do burpees; when he sings A-wop-bom-a-loo-mop-a-lomp-bom-bom run across the circle to find a partner for wall sits during the chorus. Repeat to the end. Was it fun? Yes. Did the wall sits sting? Yes. Was it chaos? Absolutely.

Colin passed the hardhat to Katie — a long-time tribe member who gives her all every work out!

GOOD LUCK to our NP_SUMMIT racers this weekend! Special shout out to Michael Panna for photo duty. He’s got a big game this weekend with the MLU Championship (go Spinners!)

And a few appreciation notes: the Tribe worked hard today. Thank you for showing up and throwing yourselves into our crazy workout. Gold stars for all…And this shit is hard. Preparing a workout, keeping motivation high, watching the clock, and chronicling the whole thing is really, really tough. We couldn’t have done it without the tribes open-minds, and the confidence of our Leaders. So huge props to our co-leaders for keeping us constantly moving forward and getting better. Our hearts are full (and our legs are tired).

Much love, Gary and Amanda


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