All Systems Ready (YEG)

Everyone, next week is our 5th birthday. Wednesday, will be amazing. I’m not even sure what else to say about it, other than I really hope you all come celebrate with us. 5 years! I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of “oh remember that time…”.. or “were you there when…”… It has been such an amazing ride that we hope you, and everyone you know will come celebrate with us.

To kickoff the next week, we’re going to meet at the same spot where our first ever workout was held in July 2013. It’s the same spot where our mayor, Don Iveson, showed up to a workout, and where I once had to be treated by paramedics. It’s also the same spot where two tribe members got married after a workout. I can’t think of a better spot for us to kick things off than right there. In fact, we’re going to do the same workout we did on that first day. And since we really only see 4 of those people, it’s a chance for all of you to see how it all started.


So, if I haven’t said it enough, bring yourself! And everyone you know!


Monday: Playground next to Kinsmen Rec Centre.

Wednesday: Commonwealth Stadium

Friday: Walterdale Hill


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