Visiting MOM and Sunrise 6k

Hey Tribe,

It’s EmSauce here.  It’s going to be an interesting week, we know for sure based on the excitement down at the North Point Park this morning.

We had a good time doing about 14 million pushups and some other stuff, but what everyone is going to remember is how many pushups they did because they won’t be able to move their arms later today or tomorrow.  There was a contest between team Thunder and team Lightning–and it turns out Thunder won.  There were a few jumps off the dock into the water (or a lot of burpees) and some other fitness, and we called it a kickass Monday.

On Wednesday we’re going to convene at Harvard stadium for the very best way to start a Wednesday morning–climbing stairs with the rest of the tribe.  If you’ve ever thought someone you know would like NP, now is a really good time to bring them with you.  Just make this week the week to bring them along.

Then later on Wednesday Capozzi and I are going to visit MOM.  Not his mom, or my mom, but we’re going to California–to the mountains outside of SF–for M.O.M.  What NP leadership is calling the “meeting of the minds” or MOM for all the 100+ NP co-leaders from around the whole wide world to come together for a couple of days to connect, have fun together, to get better as co-leaders, to grow and learn, and come back refueled to keep our tribes moving and strong back in our respective cities.  When people wonder about the partnership with The North Face and they ask how that whole thing works–this is a big part of how NP grows and is enhanced by the partnership with TNF.  The North Face is making it possible for all of us to go and strengthen the powerful force that is NP leadership by improving our selves as coleaders.  So when you see on our social media outlets that we are “powered by The North Face,” we actually mean it.

But wait…if Capozzi and I are visiting MOM and Payne is retired…then who?






Exactly.  Who IS leading NP on Friday?

We have two guest co-leaders who are not only getting their #celebrityshot chance, but we’re not even going to be around to see it happen.  There will be a social media takeover, and we make no promises but it’s very likely that their vigor and excitement for this platform will make everything we’ve ever posted look juvenile and boring.  Y’all, Capoze and I will be offline — like in the mountains– so we won’t even know what’s gonna hit you until we get back.  Stay tuned in. We are certain, you won’t want to miss a minute of this.

And coming at the end of the month: Our next Sunrise6k race will be happening July 30th (MONDAY).  Put it on your calendars and get ready to race.  Location is NOT yet announced.  But it will be a 6k course with no car/intersection interruptions.  #JustShowUp #RaceEverything

Any questions?  Good.

See you on Wednesday at the stadium.

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