Age is just a number

Today’s guest blog post is by someone whose home is NPSD, but her tribe is truly global. Pamela, we’re glad you’re here.

Age is just a number!

How often do we hear that saying? Well, at NP across the globe that goes without saying! There are several of us aging athletes that “just show up” and keep kicking ass. Truth be told many of us in the 50+ Club have some amazing fitness resumes and that is not ego it’s truth because the best part is we are not even close to being done. We will continue to challenge ourselves. Some of us might be a bit slower (damn knees); but, we show up and we give our very best because…

We love to push ourselves
We love to push the limits of time
We love to be fit (and eat the tacos, lol)
We love to reminding ourselves still got it
We love to be our best no matter our age
We love to Adult on on terms
We love how you give zero fucks how “old we are”

One of the coolest gifts (for me) working out with NP is age doesn’t matter. It’s incredible getting a high five from someone who could truly be my son or daughter saying “Good job”, “You’ve got this”, or going thru a people tunnel hearing “fuck yeah!”. It’s usually at coffee when someone finds out how “aged” I am and they comment “Holy Fuck you’re how old??? awesome” Well, that brings a big smile to the heart because let’s face it keeping up with a 20+ at my age, 51, is kinda badass in it self; but, when they think you’re “my age”.. Fucking Winning at life, lol!!

I’ve heard “Agers” (what I call people aging old) at times judging “fucking menials are lazy, no drive, and/or work ethic”. I interrupt them sharing how NP menials shatter that glass ceiling. Do I feel younger being a part of NP? No. I AM younger because of NP. Would I still be challenging myself without NP? Fuck Yeah!* I asterisk because I’d definitely keep getting my fitness on & do races; but, do not think I’d challenge myself to the level I do because of NP. Steve Prefontaine said it best for any age “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”. NP challenges me to give past my best!

Each time I get to show up to my home tribe, NPSD, or to an NP around the Globe (and I show up around the globe because of my career) there is a major constant that is changing the face of fitness (and the world) “just show up, give your all, encourage a friend and stranger!” Apply these three facts to your life and it will absolutely keep you younger!

Parting with a couple gems of wisdom given to me by two dudes that do life right along with a little gem from me.

“Talk to strangers” BG
“Stalk the quote” BM
“Travel everywhere” PH

Be Happy, Be Strong, Be Bright!
I’m so glad you’re all here!!

Now, lets get a little bounce..


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