Thankful (NOLA)

“Give Thanks”… we hear it over and over again, year in and year out as Thanksgiving comes around. It’s an important concept – one that we all need to be reminded of. We spend time writing letters to loved ones, near and far. We spend time on the phone and in person with family members who have shaped our lives. We may even carefully script text messages to a few friends that we haven’t reminded recently that we are grateful for their friendship. However we give it, I hope that this Thanksgiving, you have the opportunity to give thanks…

But more than that, I hope that you receive it back. I hope that someone – a friend, family member, acquaintance, boss, or even a stranger – thanks you for being you. And if none of those people manage to do it, you’re in luck… Because since you’re still reading my nonsense, you’ve managed to earn yourself this: Thank YOU, yes – you, for being here.

You, my friend, have wound up here because of your interest in November Project. Your passion for this movement is what helps propel it forward. Your willingness to show up to workouts, no matter what the weather, provides me and my fellow co-leaders with purpose.  Your support for our workouts, our ideas, our bizarre antics allows us to thrive as the weird, off-our-rocker leaders of this even-weirder movement. We are here because you are here.

So thank you…

…for just showing up.

…for listening when we’re talking (sometimes).

…for bouncing and singing and screaming to whatever we came up with that day.

…for being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

…for pushing yourself and each other to get better each workout.

…for being true to who you are.

…for accepting others for whatever version of themselves they are that day.

…for trying new things.

…for being you.

And most importantly, thank you for being here.  We would be nothing without you. Happy Thanksgiving, tribe.


  • Sunrise 6k on Wednesday, 12/5 – AUDUBON PARK. I repeat. Audubon Park – do not go to Champions Square!!! 
  • Recruit, recruit, recruit for new (sparkly) shorts. 
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