Abe digs Boston. A lot. (DCA)

April 15th 150 years ago. Although this day marks the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death, we know him and celebrate him for the way he lived. He is known for uniting people and we do our best every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, to carry that on through hips in hugs. Here’s to you Mary Todd.

April 15th two years ago. So many of us have a shared experience of the tragedy that struck the running community two years ago. Perhaps, not shared in the sense that we were there together, at the finish line. But shared in the sense that so many of us were tuned in that day, whether we knew each other or not – running Boston Marathon, streaming the marathon online, training with hope for a future BQ, watching the elite run,  cheering on our friends and families from the sidelines or over the internet, letting the finishers scroll across our work computers for hours – knowing we were connected to something bigger than ourselves. There are probably a lot of us who remember exactly what we were doing, who we were with and how it felt when we realized something was wrong, and this Marathon Monday was unlike the others.

Today. Today. Today. Today is a day that is a LOT like other days, a LOT like other Wednesdays, and for that I am grateful. Today, at Lincoln Memorial and five days out from Marathon Monday 2015, we do know each other and we do know our community. The familiar faces and the brand spankin’ new. We are November Project. We are November Project DC. We hold running, running for free, and one another near and dear to our hearts. (And probably Abe too; he’s pretty near and dear.) Boston, we’re sending our love and a few of our own tribe to come at ya. We’re DC and we’re #BostonStrong.


A person who is POSITIVE. So positive that she earned the positivity award. So consistent that, even with stitches in her face, she can’t stop living the #justshowup words. She is Kami. She rocks. The tribe digs you, Kami.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Friday. We’re gonna let Jefferson feel like Abe for a hot sec. Come #EarnYourWeekend at Jefferson Memorial under the post-peak-bloom-glow.


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