Today Was A Good Day (SD)

Today, in honor of our friends over in Milwaukee and Madison, I present to you


– We RACED. Many of you set PRs. Nobody puked (darn).

– You left with sweet new #grassrootsgear, thanks to the tag team (see what I did there) of Euge, Sheila, Angie, and Allie.

– A dog got the MVP cape. Well kind of. Allie got the MVP cape but Jax got to wear it.

– It was Federico’s birthday…yet HE brought all of YOU food. He’s a keeper.

– A big announcement took place. Your babysitters for next week will be… drumroll pleaseJeff Boman, Jeff Gladstone, and Sarah Smoers. Please give them more respect than you gave your babysitter as a child and make sure you take your nap when they ask you to.

– Mostly, we continued to BE HAPPY, BE STRONG, and BE BRIGHT.













Important and Semi-Interesting Announcements:

– “WISCONSIN NOTES” is like the Cliff Notes version of a blog, just FYI.

– One week from today is the Boston Marathon. Please send your love and shout outs to: ERIC MARENBURG, DAVE ROMERO, JENNI DORR, and GARRETT SHEEHAN as they take on this incredible race.

– Stay tuned for more deets on the May challenge with NPDC. But feel free to begin shit talking immediately.

– See you all Wednesday. #verbal.

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