A Memorably Moist Workout (NPSF)

When people ask me what kinds of workouts we do at November Project, I find it’s easy to associate with what people know, “It’s like running mixed with body weight exercises. You run over there, do some pushups, run over here, do some squats … stuff like that.” What I often leave out is the weird things and interactions that happen in the middle.

Today was one of those days that if you tried to describe it to someone, they’d probably just look at you weird. The workout was hard, the battles were heated, and the water balloons were wet. Surprisingly, (or maybe not surprisingly) the NPSF collective throwing accuracy is pretty low. Y’all threw 100+ water balloons and we were hit about 10-15 times. So for the rest of the year we’ll be focusing on our pitching accuracy. Bring your mitts and ball caps, spring training starts next week!

Also, did anyone else see all those water balloons bounce off Zip’s chest? Was he wearing some sort of water balloon proof vest? Or perhaps he flexed and the balloons just got scared. I’m not sure what was going on but sorry to everyone who got a direct hit only to have it bounce off and break on the ground.

Oh, one last thing (how could we forget!). We made history today! The first person to ever be banned from November Project SF …. Oh Paddy O’Leary, how far you’ve fallen. Once in the limelight, the leader for us all, we would have followed you anywhere. Now it brings me great sadness to banish you from Alta Plaza between the hours of 6:30am and 7:05am.


Sunrise 6K Friday!! All of the information you need (parking info, time/place details) is in the top pinned post in the Facebook event and check the private social group for the carpool doc. Please Please Please, if you have a car offer to drive people over. There is also the 25 bus that will get you there. Can’t wait to race Friday!

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