A last kick of the can (Ottawa)

The dark season is upon us and headlamps shining in your face walking up concrete stairs is just not the best option for the morning. So, today we took in a last visit at our home, and took on the stairs full throttle.

Today was PR day, personal record, personal best, race day. I don’t even know how many people raised their hands when we asked who PR’d, but it was a LOT. It’s amazing to see the progress over the course of the summer, or compared to last year. That’s your hard work you have been putting in, the consistency week in and week out, or it was a commitment to just keep moving, that allowed you to take on a little bit more today. If you didn’t PR today, that’s okay too. We said to give it just 1% more, a little extra push, and if your best today wasn’t one more section than last time, we know it was your best today. And we are proud of you for that. We are proud of you for showing up, for being part of this community, for pushing someone else up the stairs, for pacing someone behind you, for pushing to keep up with someone ahead of you. If it was your first time, we applaud you for taking on PR day…hopefully you think of us the next three days that your legs remind you of this morning’s workout.

So anyone who is wondering what happens when we no longer visit the stadium? We stop showing up? We throw in the towel for the cold days? We stop showing up when it’s “too dark” in the winter? Nooooooope. We show up no matter what. This is an exciting time of the year, where we transition to cooler and darker mornings, but hugs and smiles are just as warm. We just up in the morning, to celebrate this changing season and keep on moving, running, body weight movements, circuits of sorts…. The workouts continue and we continue to share our mornings together. See you next week!

Congrats to Seumas and Caroline, our fastest male and female this week. Congrats to Motionball, the NP team, and to all those who donated to wonderful cause for Special Olympics. It was an unreal weekend of sport marathoning and connecting and I hear rumours teams are already being put in place for next week- we might need multiple teams!

Here’s to bringing “soles” together


  1. Next week- meeting outside the Aberdeen Pavillion, bring a friend!
  2. Read a guest blog from another city
  3. Have a great day!
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