NYC Marathon 2019 [NYC & BKLYN]

The first weekend in November, prepare for the biggest block party there is. Get in that Empire State of mind. It’s THE New York City Marathon. Whether you’re running, cheering, coming in early, or staying a little longer…

Here’s the scoop on the NYC Marathon weekend. Brought to you by the combined forces of NP NYC & Brooklyn because #bettertogether.

Biggest block party, true story.

First things first, here’s a spreadsheet. It has event info, and space to enter info so we can cheer/track/house you.

Fri, Nov. 1st
PRE-RACE FRIDAY WORKOUT, 6:28AM, Bethesda Fountain
An epic workout in itself, but this year, we’re also celebrating the 8th birthday of our global, free fitness movement. You don’t want to miss this. Your heart will be beating hard for the rest of the day.
(Facebook event:

Channel your creativity, wit and glitter onto poster-board for the racing crew. Or come for some brews and hangout.
(Facebook event:

Oooooh baby, doing the BOUNCE here gives us goosebumps.

Sun, Nov. 3rd
CHEER STATION, 9:00am, Mile 14, Long Island City 
Come cheer your face off. Bring your cowbells, onesies, water guns, megaphones. But mostly, bring that hype!
(Facebook event:

POST-RACE PARTY, 3:00PM, Characters
Let’s celebrate and live it up! Bring your friends, family, and that cute stranger.  Note, if you come in with a marathon medal, you’re for sure getting wild applause.
(Facebook event:

Cheer station is at…well you’ll hear us. NO DOUBT.

Mon, Nov. 4th
Run, yog, Uber, catapult, or bear crawl to the post-marathon workout. There may be a bomb diggity bounce, breakfast beverages, or all of the above.

Marathon medals can just show up too.

Questions? Reach out to NP NYC or NP BKLYN or email our race captain at

First weekend of November, see you here.

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