A Holiday Monday Workout (Ottawa)

Today is Monday, it’s Family Day. We started off the holiday Monday bright and early, 6:29am, in the darkness, a nice brisk morning, buffs required for extra wind protection. Though some people were heading off to work, those individuals were sent off with the exercise/social/positivity endorphins to take with them for the rest of the day. Others climbed out of bed extra early to maximize this Monday off, though it would have been easy this morning to roll over and snooze, feeling like it’s the only time to sleep in. Yet, out in the winds you went and just showed up to take on the deck.

The cards were DEFINITELY shuffled this morning- they were triple checked. But somehow did it feel like we just kept seeing those hearts that meant BURPEES? AGAIN? It felt this morning, maybe more than other mornings, that I’m grateful to have a group to push me, because I likely would not have gone that hard, that many times on my own. If I was doing a deck workout this morning alone- would I have repeated the King, queen, and 9 of hearts as quickly? The group always holds me accountable to just show up and get there at 6:29am. But I felt the effects of having the group today- the group held me accountable to keep on pushing. It held me accountable to just keep moving.

What does the group hold you accountable to do?

Here’s to bringing “soles” together

Liz and Lauren


  1. This Wednesday – Bank street bridge Skating workout!
  2. Rideau Hall Skating SOCIAL https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/skating-at-rideau-hall-with-november-project-tickets-95005143943?aff=ebdssbeac
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