A friendly guy named Colin and Freaking out strangers – BAL

This morning’s workout was strange for many reasons. Let’s go through them one at a time:

1.) Bobby told Nick and me that he had a dream last night that we let a visitor from Seattle named Colin lead this morning’s workout. Apparently this Colin gentleman was a really nice dude, buuuuut he wasn’t quite cut out to lead the workout. And this pissed Bobby off. Meanwhile,  Nick and I were off to the side selling shoes, letting Colin do his friendly Northwest thing. Not even running shoes. I mean, let’s be honest, Nick and I are barely qualified to lead a workout, let alone tell people which shoes they should buy if they over-pronate.

2.) We successfully recruited two dudes off of the street just as we began the bounce – beautiful. They quickly identified themselves as Mormon, however, so we prefaced our profanity-laden “Good morning!” with a warning about what was to come. Before I could even finish my warning, those guys were about three blocks away. Oh well, you can’t get ’em all.

3.) My happiness is directly proportional to the number of pasty thighs I see before 8AM. So you have no idea how good my day will be today thanks to each one of you and your decision to rock shorts for this beautiful morning. Today’s group photo is totally going on my wall at work.

Keep smiling. Keep recruiting. Keep hugging. And, as a wise man has told me (and all of you) repeatedly, “keep taking big bites out of life.”



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