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Friends for a reason.  Friends for a Season,  Friends for Life

I acknowledge that I will not be lifelong friends with all of the 40 or 50 people who show up to our November Project workouts every Wednesday.   And that is fine.   I once heard the statement, “Friends for a reason. Friends for a season.  Friends for life” and the November project is a perfect venue to meet all of the different type of people you need in your life.


Friends for a reason.  This could be someone in your tourist group you climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with, or the person with whom you shared a hospital room when you got your tonsils taken out.  Someone who you have a special bond with for a specific time and purpose and there isn’t much potential for a continued friendship because of geographical or demographic limitations.  At November Project, it may be the person who you are partnered with who pushed you up that hill, or through that last set of pushups.  That happens to someone every week at our workouts.  It may be someone from a different tribe who is visiting, or someone at the local tribe that you are visiting.


Friends for a season.   Over the last year and a half, I have met a ton of people that I worked out with nearly every week, sometimes we would talk, other times we didn’t.  I got to know them, enjoy their company, and benefit from their friendship and I hope they benefitted from mine.   I am moving to Austin, Texas now, and I know that other than facebook, I will likely not see many of them again.   We just don’t have the time to keep up with everyone but the friendship that we shared over that “Season” of just over a year, is invaluable to me.  We all need those people in our lives.  I will find more of these friends when I get to Austin.


Friends for Life.   There are also people in November Project that I know will be my friends for life.   My dear friend and Podcast partner, Kristen Salkas, will be one of those for sure.   As we move long in life, our circles of friends naturally become smaller, unless you make an effort to meet new people and take time to enjoy their presence.   I am very fortunate that I have the time and will to continue meeting new people, establishing new “friends for life”.    Jackie Robinson said, “A Life is not important except for the impact it has on others.”  Get out there an have an impact on others and let them have an impact on you.

– Brian Fons


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