It’s the final Friday in November and it feels so right that it should be kicked off with some of the very best people in Edmonton.

The energy this morning was so great! Perhaps it was the white snow on the ground, perhaps it was the balmy weather, perhaps it was because Nadim had us hollering and laughing at 6:01AM, perhaps it was simply the spirit of Walterdale hill, perhaps it was because we were all anticipating what Nadim was going to make Matt do for his birthday…could have been all of those reasons but most likely it was because you all made the choice to get up, share the energy you didn’t even know you had when you arrive at 5:55AM, and continue to help build this amazing community.

It was also my privilege to present Sarah with the positivity award this morning. Thank you Sarah for sharing your energy, spirit, encouragement and smile with us each and every week!


Monday we will wrap up November with a great workout…can’t wait…I already have it ready!

Meet me here just north of 98th Ave along the river  and we’ll wave November goodbye and be right primed for welcome December.

Until next time…SMILE! J


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