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Today was a very special day at November Project Winnipeg – 1 year since the first group of 8 friends met on Wednesday morning. Today saw birthday hats, new friends, and more hugs than one could possibly count; 140 people showed up for today’s workout – that’s a whopping 60 more than our previous record.  1 month ago our biggest group was 60; today we had 60 new faces, along with the other 80 regulars that have started calling this tribe family.  Such a special, incredible day deserves a special blog post, so Tom and Rick have each pen’d a short thank you, to show you how much today and every day for the last year has meant to us and to this community.


One year is a really long time – 52 straight Wednesday mornings at 6:15 AM. November Project Winnipeg is the coolest thing I do each week. I truly love seeing the faces of our long time committed members as well as those of people showing up for the first time. I love the pre-workout hugs when it is so easy to tell who is a first timer and who has been before. I love standing up in front and explaining a crazy new exercise all the while knowing you guys and girls will work your asses off and make it fun. I love those of you who joined us all winter long on days that were too cold to even fathom. I love the way you have made our community, our tribe, something that you are proud of, something that you share with friends, family members and random strangers. Winnipeg, you have embraced an idea in a way that makes me so proud of our city. You guys are the reason that Rick and I plan each week, your energy drives us to come up with new ideas, your commitment makes sure that we never lose the excitement in this movement. See you Friday June 5th at Assiniboine Park for the Sunrise 6 KM race. 6:15 AM at the Duck Pond (check Instagram and Facebook for location). And after that I will see you next Wednesday, and the one after that . . . you get the point.

I love you all, I really mean that.



RIck NP Group noah

Tom and I had this great idea – let’s buy birthday hats for everyone to celebrate 1 year of these crazy shenanigans.  As I was standing in Party Stuff yesterday trying to guess at how many hats we would need, I decided to be optimistic.  112 hats should cover us no problem – hell, I was just hoping we’d break the 100 mark we set out to achieve in March. By 6:05 am this morning, we had already given out all the hats, and people were still pouring in from all directions to join the group… Needless to say, Winnipeg – you have blown my mind once again.

Its really difficult to put in to words the experience we all shared this morning.  After the morning greeting, everyone took off towards the first work-out and I stuck around to gather up all the gear we needed for the day.  Coming around the corner to the Forks Market place, I saw a group 140 wild, crazy, happy, excited tribe members running at full speed and screaming their heads off as they barreled around the corner.  I’ll be the first to admit – I shed a tear in that moment, and had to stop to take it all in.  Never in my wildest dreams did I consider 1 year ago that what started out as 8 friends meeting to try out this “early work-out” thing would turn in to 40, 60, 80 – and eventually 140 smiling faces. It is incredible, overwhelming, breath-taking, and humbling all at the same time.  Winnipeg never ceases to amaze me and today was perhaps the biggest surprise yet. I have never been more proud to call Winnipeg my home, and so excited to have an ever growing family of 140+ in the tribe.  Thank you, thank you, thank you friends!


Tom and I would be remiss if we didn’t stop to acknowledge the incredible team at Lululemon Polo Park.  We started out last June with 8 people and slowly grew over the first month to a consistent group size of about 15-20 friends who we managed to drag out of bed to join us.  In mid-July, Robyn got in touch with us saying she wanted to bring out the whole Lulu team to a workout to kick off their staff meeting, which instantly grew our numbers that week to 40+.  The team from Lulu has represented non-stop ever since and we definitely owe so much to all your positivity, recruiting, and general badass-ness. We are super pumped to join the team and continue to grow the amazing fitness community in Winnipeg together!

1 year NP ainsley PA

We also wouldn’t be anywhere without today’s positivity winner.  Ainsley could very well be seen as the mother of November Project Winnipeg; it was Ainsley who heard about NP from her sister in Edmonton, Ainsley who found the YouTube video and shared it with her friends, and Ainsley who approached Katie, knowing that if anyone, Katie would the the one to get this thing going.  Most interestingly, Ainsley was 14 months pregnant (is that possible? probably not… Tom is the almost-doctor, not me) at the time, so she earnestly sent her husband Ty to join us in the early days and watched with longing until she could finally grace the group with her presence – and she hasn’t missed a week since.  Ainsley brings it week in week out, pushes everyone to be better and represents this community so incredibly well.  Thanks for everything, Ainsley!!!


REMEMBER: Sunrise 6K Friday morning – we bounce at 6:14 am at the Duck Pond in Assiniboine Park.  This is our coming out party to the rest of the NP tribes so let’s bring our A-Game and show them what Winnipeg is all about.

Friday night we will celebrate the past year and this community we have built together with a BBQ and bonfire, hosted by Jaime and I. We are looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better over a few adult beverages and a burger/hot dog! Everyone is welcome to join – all I ask is that you shoot me a message letting us know you are coming so I have an approximate idea of how much food to get.  I can be reached at 204-510-3566 or you can direct message the November Project Winnipeg facebook group.

Come by anytime after 7 pm on Friday.   See you all then!

Much love, always and forever.


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