Butterfly Gardens and Birthdays (SD)

The urban oasis that is Balboa Park never disappoints. Today we skipped the jungles of Honduras and instead went to the beautiful Butterfly Garden.

Being #NationalRunningDay, the workout today centered around… RUNNING! The hill looked like so much fun that the “dead” rat on the side even tried coming back to life to join us. And yes, it was as gross as it sounded.

We also had two birthdays to celebrate today. One of the main excuses I hear from people as to why they can’t come to November Project is that they are too old. Well, our birthday folks celebrated their 40th and 50th birthdays today. And I guarantee they ARE NOT old. November Project keeps people young. It’s just science.

We also celebrated the start to a new era: the public shaming/humiliation era. Half kidding. Yes, from now on if you leave an item or article of clothing at NP you either made a homeless person very happy or you have to dance/sing/burpee/whatever else we think of in order to earn your possessions back. Don’t like it? Just pick up after yourself. Simple.

I’d say Wednesday is off to a good start. So grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly San Diego.


– June’s theme for #MayhemMonday is PACIFIC BEACH. We meet next Monday, 6:29AM at Law Street Bluffs/Palisades Park. Do not be late, we will be migrating from there.

– Still need to do more celebrating for National Running Day? Join our friends at Milestone Running for their 2nd Anniversary Party and National Running Day run club at 6PM in North Park tonight. Bring your old running shoes and they will donate them to charity!

– If you’ve read this far… comment on the FB album welcoming Ashleigh Voychick back to America!! 

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