Turkey Day in April (MSP)


MSP tribesmen arrived to more than just the beat of their own pounding feet this morning. The increased temperature (still freezing) finally allowed our non-lithium technology to perform. Music! Phat Beats from our hometown heroes Brother Ali and Slug gave this morning an extra pop that’ll be welcomed in weeks to come.

Following our trademarked “Yeti Run” warmup, the tribe sought new sweat inducing frontiers revealed by the recent snow melt. We took a dark voyage to the river bank for a workout of stairs, even bigger stairs, and the dirt hill scramble.


The people left today with swollen legs, wide smiles, and a day’s worth of events to share before 8am. Turkeys here, a Kim there. We will run with, hug, and welcome anything. November Project Minneapolis is for real.

The Tribe is Mighty!!

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