For us by us. With 15 Units in the November Project tribal identity, it is important to remind ourselves who we are and what we are. It is evident that each Nov Pro has their own answer to what the frick NP means to them, and why the frack they continue to JustShowUp to early morning workouts. Each of you participates in November Project for a mix of personal reasons; be it fitness goals, social fulfillment, or just plain life living happiness. Embrace that commitment, as the future of your tribe is in your hands. Your contributions, your enthusiasm, and your spontaneity elevate your tribes above and beyond.

Today in the 2nd most remote November Project City on the map (call us, YEG), Rump Shaker took the reins during the morning bounce. She rallied the troops by cussing like the North Florida sailor that she once was. Eric The Lazer dropped knowledge on us regarding the Seal Fountain at Voorhies Memorial at the yonder end of Civic Center Park, this of course is where we did jump squats during our dogbone circuit. Queued in to my waning talent for clock management, Juliann asked for more frequent time callouts during our Sebastians (7-minutes of Burpee bliss). 30-seconds in, she got it, complete with a collective groan of (dis)pleasure from the burping tribe. C^3 passed on the well-travelled, but not so well-photographed, Positivity Award to our resident silent assassin, Chris ‘Salchow‘ Lutz. As yourself, Salchow, what would @BrianBoitano do if he received the positivity award?

Happy Birthday Moms!

FRIDAY 6:15A: We run Governor’s Park Hill. Be there or be an antibody.
SUNDAY 9:30A: We meet for the Grand Opening of Boulder Running Club in Cherry Creek. There is a Free Sports Injury/Gait Analysis (w/coffee, donuts, swag). Wear your #GrassRootsGear and recruit mo’ racers. 
WEDNESDAY 6:15A: We meet in a new spot… CENTER STAIRS on BROADWAY at the STATE HOUSE (Gold Freakin’ Dome).

Todays Mile High Nov Pro’s:
Jess Malone
Jillian Foss
Julia G
Keith Smith
Juliann Couture
Johnny Russell
Mike Harper
Matt Von Arkel
Caileigh Warren
Andrew Henderson
Dylan Kintish
Chris Lutz <- so positive right now Kaitlin Wallace Riley Bright Ashley Houston Pete Morelli - 122 Burpees! Troy Coleman Cisco Matt Brady Megan Dickie Chad Spangler Aaron Epps Ryan Wooderson

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