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So I just learned from NP The Book that there is this thing called the Wisconsin Notes. Because a certain tribe didn’t want to read through all the blog posts they created these as a sort of cliff notes of the blog post; for those who want just the facts! ..NOW YOU KNOW (Billy Nye anyone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brvwMydD_lg or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSJAwndDTds)


Wisconsin Notes:

READ THE WHOLE BLOG (I promise this one is short 🙂 )

Work out summary:

(I just noticed the heart next to the burpees hehehe nice Sam)

See short!!


In all seriousness you guys crushed today’s work out! I know our Monday post got some people a wee skidish, and there were a few “we are doing what?” when we started, but in the end I hope you all realized you are a lot stronger then you may have thought !! Buns of steel (or as we prefer peachy bums) you all !!

Andrew’s yearbook photo from last year! What a stud.

This week we gave the positivity award went to Mr Andrew Guytingco. Andrew is the definition of dedication. He has been with NP since the pledge days and barely ever misses a work out with out good reason. One morning the guy woke up with a dislocated shoulder and still drove some stranded NP members to the work out!! The guy also has impeccable push up form. And even though he may not be the most punctual tribe member, this article sums him up pretty well:



Now for the up and coming:

  • If you missed today’s yearbook photos don’t fret !! Karl our amazing volunteer photographer will be back the next few weeks so we can capture all your beautiful wacky faces!! Don’t forget grassroots gear or a prop if you wish!DSC_0976
  • And our newest NP member, GO ENGLAND !!!!!


(Sorry for the poorest excuse ever at photoshop!)

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