You Used to be a Cucumber.

We all start somewhere.
The start has been the subject of many chats this week alone; from where (the start duh), when (now!), and how (slowly and then faster?). But more to the point, TODAY!

Day One of being a leader at NovemberProjectYVR!!
Lead bounce: check
Explain Workout: check
Demo Exercises: check
Support out amazing Community of runners, climbers, early risers, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, partners, everything in betweener and outsiders: check
Take pic: whoops (group photo looked like hell from my camera, THANKS MEL :))

YVR SnowAngels 🙂

I think I got it all down today. But it didn’t come naturally, it didn’t come after one pep talk from my co-leaders, and it didn’t come from the great beyond…… (are you out there Brogan?!?) I was brought to NovemberProject so reluctantly I sometimes wonder how much I missed out on before I eventually showed up? Dragged by a friend who promised I would love it.
Spoiler he was right.
Outside looking in, it was crazy to be part of this. Inside looking back it was crazy to not be here. I have experienced so much about family, lifting each other up, pushing others beyond their dreams, and genuine caring/kindness. I’ve grown (whether I like it or not) and been grown.
I’ve had people surround me, help me, and believe in me, even if I didn’t. I’ve learned a lot from my time in Edmonton and Vancouver. I have innumerable thanks to NadreamBoat, Jen, Rob, Andrew, Mel, and Richard. That is the NovemberProject I know. That’s the NovemberProject I want for all of you.

But that was my start there. And today is another start. I’ve spent some time in the brine and I wanna see you, and tell you I see you. I want to know you and help you be known. I am hoping to help you get out of bed, and happy you did. Lets build, and bond, and break shit.

Hi. My name is Verner. I am a CoLeader for NovemberProjectVancouver.

Ready player one.
We want to know what you want. This is your day too and we are listening. Let’s make it worth it together.

Today we had to start the process not of grieving but being thankful we had him. Richard is stepping away from leadership, but his legacy lives on in every footfall at NovemberProjectVancouver. Rich taught me a lot in the years I’ve known him. And it can mostly be summarized in “show up”.
If they’re trying to start a Friday run group, show up.
If you need a mid afternoon pep talk, SHOW up.
If their race gets cancelled last minute and they want to run all night, SHOW UP.
It only seems harder than that.
Please show up and let him know.

Take these next few weeks to think about your start and where you want to finish.

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