You Look Amazing Today


Today was one of those days where my alarm went off and I had to double check that I actually had to get out of bed. I was really comfortable after conking out last night following a boozy game of Settlers of Catan. That is a great game by the way. I never knew I wanted sheep so badly.

This morning we crushed a trail right under the Golden Gate Bridge’s nose. You wouldn’t know the bridge was there by today’s photos though since Karl the Fog was all up in our business. Objectively, if you were not with us today, you might say the weather was shitty or not that nice. But today I thought it was so beautiful out. You guys (almost!) nailed the Remember the Titans bounce first off. We’re getting there. Then there was just so much positivity. High fives were flying, Weston was shirtless (standard), and people were running hard.



Naturally Paddy tried to get some #artisticasfuck photos this morning which you can check out on Facebook. Guy so badly wants to be a part of Dooster. Bottom line, today was fucking awesome. Pump the energy into the weekend. See you guys Monday!



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