Stories for the Grandkids

Remember the day we rolled in goose poop on the banks of Charles?  Or that time we burpee’d on the ‘spotless’ concrete in front of the Chinatown Gate?  What about the time when one of our core members had her water break on the hills of Summit Ave? That time we dodged beach balls at the Christian Science Center? Kayaked by Kendall?

What about the time we took over the T? Brooklyn Boulders? The Boston Ballet School? Zakim Bridge Skate park? Every pouring and just hovering around freezing PR day at the stadium…?

Some of these may be way before your time, others you might have missed and you’re still coping with FIMO, but just think about the ones you do remember now.

Last night, I was standing on the cobblestone of this coming Monday’s DD and jumped back almost 2 years ago to the last time I was at this exact spot for a deck.  We know it’s a repeat location and I hadn’t really thought too much about it until I was there staring out over the water at the skyline.  I started to remember Bojan explaining the circuit “…and when you get to the end, turn and sprint. All out.”  Turn and sprint on the uneven and most definitely a safety hazard cobblestone? Abso-fucking-lutely!  No fucks given.

My partner was Ben O’Meara, the latest positivity award winner who I had never met.  But he had a Boston Bruin tat on his leg so I knew he was legit.  The two of us hauled ass until time was called.  One of us sprinting and the other doing burpees.  The PA was taken from Ben and given to the infamous Dana Bogan.  After the workout some of us hung around and this epic Dooster shot was taken…


I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast today, but I remember all of these details so vividly.  They all came rushing back to me as I was standing there next to Em Sauce and Dooster.

So where am I going with this throwback?  Every time we drag our asses out of bed and #justshowup we make memories, we make history, we write our own stories and play characters in others’ stories too. Every single one of us is going to walk away from a morning with a different memory.  You’ll remember who you we’re standing next to as we all assemble into a giant mob and start to bounce.  You’ll remember the weird, silly shit – icebreakers – we have you do before.  The chants, the painful attempt at jokes, the somehow already sweaty hugs, the perfect and not-so-perfect weather, the spot, the workout, the birthdays (if anyone ever decides to celebrate again), the group photo…That’s the magic of NP.  What we get into every morning stays with us.

I was recently scouting some locations and remembered a workout done in the parking lot in front of the iconic whale mural, you know this one…

Well a giant building recently went up in this parking lot so we wouldn’t be able to do this workout again. Those OGs that were around for this will always have something about this spot to tell their grandchildren. Every location we show up for on Monday, every time we meet at Harvard stadium or Summit Ave, or wherever you meet in one of the 30 NP cities across the world – we’re making memories that strengthen this family and our ties to the city.

Some days will resonate more strongly than others.  Chris, Emily and I try to create some of these memories for the group, but most of them come from the people around you.  I’ll never forget the morning Caleb ‘Bookman’ Daniloff flipped me the bird… oh wait that happened this morning.

We could run Indiana Jones (IJ) every Friday and it would be a different experience – a different takeaway. (C’mon a boy can dream right?)  You’d be in a new group, around different people to push you.  So I encourage you to start jumping on every opportunity to make your own weird, exciting memories with this family.  Partner with someone you’ve never spoken to before.  Start some weird game in your IJ group to get to know each other; yell your name as you sprint, what color underwear you threw on that morning, whatever weird stuff goes through your mind when you can barely catch your breath.  Scratch that, maybe some of those thoughts should be kept inside that head of your.  Let’s keep making memories together. See you Monday for another day that we’ll talk about for years.

Memories from today, March 4th, 2016:

-At one point, I noticed another group cheer for a sprinter from across the street. It was easily before 7am and definitely breaking that noise ordinance but how am I supposed to stop you from being amazing supportive humans? No chance.

-Jordanna won the PA for the first time (yes – believe it or not she has NEVER won this before. Mind. Blown.)

-The bounce was weirdly aggressive and way too quiet for the hills, yes it is possible to be TOO quiet for the hills.  Not every memory has to be full of energy.

-Bookman flipped me the bird.


In case you missed the other two times I’ve thrown Monday’s location in the blog, here it is a third time.

Carpe the fuck out of this Diem, friends.


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