You Are, I Am (YEG)

I hired a ghostwriter to write today’s blog. While I can’t name the ghostwriter (Rob McDougall), I hope you enjoy it. If there’s anyone else who wants to ghostwrite for myself, Jen or Andrew, please let us know. We’ll happily hire you to talk about whatever you want to talk about. We can’t pay you, and we likely won’t give you credit (Rob McDougall) for the blog. 

You Are, I Am (by anonymous Rob McDougall)

You went up, you went down, you moved it all around, and you crushed those stairs! You woke up this morning, or maybe you slept in. You pushed your body. You listened to your body. You are present. You are awesome.

It might sound like a bunch of nonsense but there really is a tangible result from affirmation and decision making.

Many times we use the influence of phrases like ‘I am,’ against us. Sometimes without realizing how it is effecting our future. The concept follows a simple formula: whatever follows a phrase like ‘I am,’ is then given an invitation for that thing to happen. You are giving permission for that thing to be in your life. I am going to take one more step – then you do. I am going to wake up tomorrow – so you set a few alarms. I am: Happy. Sad. Strong. Weak. Helpful. Encouraging. Old. Unlucky. Too busy. Not a morning person. Going to fail this exam. Going to be a famous mariachi singer.

The fun part about this, you get to choose what that ‘thing’ is. You have control over how you frame your day.

Maybe this resonates with you but maybe it still does not. A bit of nonsense right? Next you are thinking I am going to suggest painting inspirational quotes or aphorisms on your wall. If that is the case then take this analytically; frame your day and invite positivity into it. Catch yourself when you use phrases like “I am” and see what kind of thing you are placing after that.

Why invite struggle into your life?

That might be fun but what’s even cooler is that this exact process works not only on yourself but it works onto others. You can do this. You are almost there. You are awesome. You have control to invite positivity into someone else’s life just as much as you have the ability to invite it into your own.

You are a part of many communities and if you can invite positivity into even one person’s life, 2 seconds out of your day, why not?

Find the good

(Not Rob McDougall)


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