Picture Day 2018 (IND)

Different than many bounces, short, sweet, to the point in this blog. Here’s what you need to know:


N platform: decline push-ups

W platform: scissors

S platform: wall sit-n-reach

E platform: skull crushers


  • Plogging in our first of four summer plogs this Saturday. Deets here. #justshowup
  • Friday we’re at Cummins (map showing locale).
  • June 30th we’re getting together for an NP Indy social at the Indy Eleven match; gonna be a grand ol’ time! Here’s the info re tickets (thanks for the hookup, Molly!)
  • 100 points to Paige for killin’ it on the strike-a-pose front today; the pics say it all
  • Happy Birthday, Timmy!
  • HUGE THANKS to our picture pros in Jaden and Tom for all their consistent help
  • HUGE THANKS to our city’s picture pro Amanda Reynolds for her extraordinary efforts withthis morning’s yearbook pics!

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