Yearbook Day (YEG)

I have a love/hate relationship with year-book photo day.

I love it because we see so much creativity from everyone. Seriously, you all have taken it up a level in terms of what you bring. How long does it take to paint yourself orange? Or how much notice do you need to give ET so he can make a cameo at the stadium? Did ET verbal? How does one put jewels in their face? And did you go to work with pink hair? This is what goes on in my head when I look back at this morning.

Most importantly, we get a huge hand from people like Steven Csorba. So you all know, I had to give him a heads up about this over a month ago. Since then, he has created the backdrop as well as figure out how to make sure he can handle the high volume of photos in a short amount of time. His setup has to be perfect  because once we start, there’s no stopping. Steven also got us the backdrop along with the help of another Steven (Steven Baker). That meant a test shoot last week. There was also him finding someone to donate the large backdrop print. Steven found a generous friend at Vestate who donated that. Today, he came early to setup and stayed late to tear it all down. And this is just the start of his work. From here, he has to edit each of the photos and add the NP logo to them. And on top of all of that, he has to wait until I give him the go-ahead to post it all.

I haven’t even mentioned all the other people who help make days like today possible. Steve B. Chris S. Thanks!

It’s so great to see how willing people are to lend a hand to make it all possible.

So, why do I hate yearbook photo today? Well, I have already mentioned how big my ask is of someone like Steven to make today happen. And then, we have to play bad cop and get that photo line moving as fast as possible so that we can get over 300 photos in under 30 minutes. That’s less than 6 seconds per photo. On top of that, the only workout I got was from yelling “NEXT” and crouching down to point out the black tape. I get it. I black out and forget all instructions and plans when it’s my turn to get my photo taken too.

So, when will you see you photos? I can’t tell you that. But it will be sometime between now and next year.

Folks, all eyes can start turning towards the 5th birthday on July 11. Start gathering verbals now.

Yes, Canada day and the old 96er are still to come, but the 5th birthday is going to be huge.

Find the Good,


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