On the road again (DEN)

Dear Tribe, I write this to you from an over packed spaceship shaped vehicle, filled with Lieutenant Dan, NP5280 members, enough food to survive an unforeseen apocalypse, and a whole boat load of positivity. We are enroute to Utah to help Boston take over the North Face Endurance Challenge. The championship is coming up in San Francisco  in December and you all should be there.

This morning was awesome. The tribe stormed the secure lands of Cherry Creek like a pack of wild animals, bear crawling and animal sounding all over Fillmore Plaza. Dan just put it perfectly, “it was fun”. Thanks, Dan, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

It was great to see big numbers coming out in flannel, clearly unfazed by the near freezing temperatures displayed by the smartphone. For those of you that spent last winter with us, you know what flannel Friday means. For those of you we’ve gotten to know over the spring and summer, you’re in for something fun. Denver is the flannel tribe, and flannel Fridays are officially back on the calendar. Yours truly, Molly Sent from my iPhone. Just kidding, but seriously. Dan says hi too.


WED 6:15A (5:30a Early Group) Civic Center Amphitheater

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