World Takeover Leaps to the Cover of @RunnersWorld Magazine

BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The cover story for the December issue of Runner’s World is nearly 100% November Project and 400% real! It’s been spotted now in the hands of November Project members in all seven locations and, as of yesterday, at least one airport bookstore near you. As much as this RW tale highlights the Boston experience it’s important to know that we, as a seven-city mob, are growing fast in all the right ways. Getting this type of recap of who we are and what we stand for is huge… giant… no, its… its… it’s unlike anything we’ve seen in our 2 year lifespan. Today’s post captures all seven tribes enjoying the love from Runner’s World and their inside scoop. Open wide and make room for this power-hype burrito of WEDNESDAY love-sauce coming your way! The tribe is seemingly taking over.


DC tribe is strong. Our founding month started off awesome with everyone recruiting hard. We’re growing so much in DC that we are now friends with our friendly neighborhood National Park Police Officer, Will. We also had our newest “We Missed You” candidate (see our Facebook page). Today’s workout consisted of some spice adopted from the mother tribe: The Fire Drill. We formed groups of three and ran 35 minutes of Lincoln’s steps. For every fire drill we had to meet up with our group and do 5 push-ups and five burpees. We’re building community and giving DC great asses. It was tough, we had sweaty hugs after, we went home. Fuck Yeah.


Axel Rose talked about the cold November rain, but this morning NP MSN soaked it up like champs. The highlight had to be our impromptu game of tag in a very, very tiny space. The fact that no one was seriously injured is a testament to our tribe’s cat-like reflexes and agility. Also notable: DG slept in for the first time in decades. As depicted above, one missed workout was enough for Dan to be forgotten and replaced – an NTD (New Tall Dan) made his first NP appearance today and was ultimately bowed down to as DG’s successor. Needless to say, if both TDs show up on Friday, shiz will get REAL.

Also, we had over 120 people at our “Open House” on Friday. This was by far our largest turnout in NP MSN history. It was historic. This whole “Runner’s World” article, if that’s their real name, won’t hurt too much for recruiting.


We tested out a new camera today, and it turns out, most of you are ghosts. I thought Halloween was last week! What am I talking about? When I post the photos this evening, it will all make sense… or will it?

Brian came out 50 minutes early this morning and was going to chip the ice off the stairs. His attempts at recruiting help failed miserably. In fact, he didn’t even clean a single step! NP’s magical fairy godmother came and cleaned it for us. I’m 40% sure that the city employee that cleaned the stairs looks nothing like a fairy godmother, but 99% sure that that employee is pretty f’n magical. What’s more magical is seeing 4 newbies out on one of the coldest days we have ever had!

Let’s be honest though, we got it easy. San Diego has the harshest climate to deal with, so our thoughts are with you as you head into this winter. We are still collecting items to #weatherproof Edmonton until November 22nd, which will end with us celebrating the November Project’s 2nd Birthday at MEC and the Pint Downtown! More details to come.


The Denver tribe payed homage to their Boston roots by running Shamrocks in the Civic Center Amphitheater this morning at 6:15AM. We ran clovers up and down the seats and mixed in burpees after each loop. We finally saw the smiling faces of each other this morning, thanks to the natural wonder of daylight savings time. The Denver tribe is now sporting freshly sprayed 5280 #grassroots gear. Finally, we sat down to read the December issue of Runner’s World magazine cover to cover. Really we just looked at the pictures of ridiculously good looking and fit people… all images were photo-shopped, I’m sure. The tribe is ready for global takeover. ~Bert


The SD tribe showed up ready to party rock this morning, and if the light of the sun wasn’t enough to wake us up – feline themed, bedazzled pants, neon #GrassrootsGear, and half naked men sure did the trick! (Yes, we can still do that here is sunny San Diego #livinginparadise). Amidst the leg blasting workout we introduced a West Coast SPICE of “Baby Sebastians”…just keep your ears peeled for that bullhorn and be ready to BS Flashmob style! Still confused? Just fucking show up and find out! We finished off our morning with “hip opening abs” and tagged some newbie #GrassrootsGear. Then, like little kids on Christmas, we opened our box of Runner’s World and tried not to pee with excitement!

SF NOTES by Dan Clayton (Laura’s Co-Leader):

Grizzly bear attacks, flat tires, spilled coffee, BART delays, cougar attacks, the 2pm meeting you forgot to prepare for, Africanized bees, WBZY’s George Michael power hour, air jaws, going in for a hug when your blind date goes in for a handshake, and Hugh Grant. These are just a few of the things I’m fully confident November Project San Francisco members can handle after CRUSHING the Smurf 2.0 workout this morning. I’m also now realizing that I must have fallen asleep watching Animal Planet again last night, because like four of those things are terrifying animals. Seriously though, have you seen their special on when Hugh Grant attacks? It’s haunting… and beautiful, and oddly I think narrated by himself… Anyways…

With a little extra sun at our backs, we took Alamo Square by storm and got down and dirty with a whole mess of bad-assery. Throw in a couple n00bs and a FRONT PAGE ARTICLE and you’ve got the recipe for a solid day. When you mix that much cardio and strength together into one workout, it’s almost as lethal as the brown recluse spider. Am I right!? One guy made a comment about how NPSF members seem to be getting taller and skinnier — he was looking right at me, not sure how I feel about it yet. Somehow our fearless leader Fila managed to get 80 copies of this month’s Runners World to the park, but nothing that girl ever does surprises me. I saw her pop and lock in a penguin costume one time, true story. Actually we all saw that, it was last week, at November Project. We have our second hill workout this Friday. DON’T MISS IT! 6:20am at the bottom of Lyon Street steps. Clayton out.


Though many folks from the “normal media” have come and gone, staying just long enough to drop the right lingo and understand our workouts, this is not the case with Runner’s World. Caleb Daniloff, the writer for the December issue cover story, will not be put in this classification. He’s officially hooked and rarely misses a workout throughout the week. Another special thanks to David Willey (RW Editor & NP member) for believing in the good of our community and pushing our story in a year of dramatic ups and downs. The article has been spotted on the shelves! Lets see just how far this November Project love-beast can reach. Onward.

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