Wisco Notes: PR Wednesday?

Was it PR day?

Sure was.

Did we race full tours?



It snowed just enough yesterday to make safety questionable and the full stadium not available for a true #PRday.

Here’s the Wisconsin Notes for today:

  • The 5:30 #ImpromptuShovelCrew cleared the crimson stairs for going down with their feet.  BOOM. #SafetyThird
  • CPayne entertained the tribe by throwing snow at everyone with his shovel and singing songs.  #HesTheMostFun

  • Scott Yellow guest starred behind the lens, taking most of the album of photos today. #OnTheSpotScott
  • The MOON… was completely out of sight during our workout.  #whoops
  • BUFFS.  Are in.  So many people are now sporting red buffs.  #FitnessFashion
  • Dan & Jake (who guest-led the workout on Monday) received the #PositivityAward


  • BUFFS: pick up your prepaid buffs on Friday.  Tell everyone else who ordered them and show the fuck up.
  • FRIDAY WEAR PATRIOTS COLORS. Be at Summit Ave in Brookline 6:29AM
  • FEBRUARY DESTINATION DECKS: all month long we will rally at the same location, just to make it a teeeeeny tiny bit easier for you and everyone you know to #JustShowUp.  This is the month to recruit you face off.
  • SOCIAL: is coming very soon.  So soon.  Keep your calendars ready to save the date.

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