Winnipeg, are you good? Are you great? (YWG)

Wisconsin notes:

  • PR day and tagging
  • June 6th- Bomber Stadium
  • #WPGWhiteout Workout- Next Jets home game on a workout day (Wednesday or Friday)
  • Recruit, Show Up, Work Hard
  • Guest Blog

Today was a great day. We got to run the loop for PR day, and some people ran two loops. We asked how people liked that compared to the Figure 8 we did last year (we couldn’t do it today because of the river levels) and it seemed pretty evenly split; half preferred going for time, and half preferred the continuous loop. We will keep discussing it and we are looking for feedback to see what our plan will be for the summer. If you feel strongly one way or the other, please let us know which you prefer and we will weigh that in with our decision for PR day. Remember your times, write them down as soon as you get home after the workout.

Figure 8 loop– continous running with burpees every lap for 30 minutes- good for the high fives, everyone working out the same amount of time, and staying in the same area.

2.5/5km loops– go for time- good for people that like racing themselves and others.

Megan, Dom and Tom were tagging machines this morning. It’s the less glamorous part of the November Project Leader role, and today I was timing the PR’s while they took care of the tagging and froze their hands, so thanks fam. Wear those shirts with pride, and when someone asks you about it, make sure to recruit them to the next workout. Next PR day, we will implement a one shirt per person limit just to make sure we can get through them all (looking at you Scott and Evan).

One more housekeeping item; 6:14 is when we bounce, 6:15am is late! And the bounce is the best or worst part, so please don’t miss it. It’s also when we do announcements, just so we aren’t sitting around doing them after the workout when people have to blitz.

We are coming up to our fourth birthday party, and every year we try to do something special for it. Two years ago was the biggest and last year we had the Ace Burpee show live broadcasting from it. This year we will be doing a stadium workout at the Investors Group field. It’ll be fun, it’ll be hard. We’ll start with a warm up on the field, and then throw 30 minutes on the clock and see if you can do a full tour (running every set of stairs in the lower bowl). You will need to bring a CFL signed waiver, which you can locate on the Facebook event here under tickets, and bring a water bottle and bucket for the puke-cries.

We are putting the focus back on recruiting new people (and people that have fallen off the wagon) to the workouts. Let’s not be satisfied with just being good, let’s be great. When the other leaders were in town for The Great Skate, we talked about how there was a two year peak; how the tribe seemed to be at it’s biggest two years after it’s inception. It was interesting to hear that other cities experienced the same thing. It also encouraged some reflection on how we can get back to that level. Maybe we have gotten comfortable and complacent in the recruiting aspect while focusing on other events like social nights, great skates and whatnot. So let’s all step it up this summer! We’ve got some great things coming down the pipeline, and we are receptive to new ideas and suggestions, so if you’ve get ’em, hit us up.

Today’s Positivity Award winner is very deserving. He’s also been frustrating me because he keeps beating me in the time trials on Friday mornings. He’s been pushing hard all winter, leading the way in the bridge challenges and the time trials, and he jetted through the 5km PR loop this morning, finishing first overall. Keep crushing it, Jett. I’ll catch you yet.


Now we have a guest blog from Kristjana. She did one a year ago for her one year NP-versary, and she asked to do one today for her two years. If you ever feel like writing a guest blog, just let us know!


NP-versary for all of these folks

To be honest, I never really understood anniversaries until I started November Project. You’ve been dating for 6 months? That’s cool (I guess) Wait, you’ve been coming weekly for 2 months? Amazing! 1 month? Awesome!! I’m proud of you. 6 months? I’m so glad you’re here. 3 years? You’re literally my idol. (special shout out to Jody, Melissa, Desire, and Mel for their one year anni this week, and Jenny and Darcy for their 3 year!)

My anniversary with November Project is something that makes me excited and proud. Today, the last Wednesday of April (aka pr day) marks 2 wonderful years with this tribe. Hence the second annual love letter blog post by yours truly (that was requested by no one, but alas, is here anyways.)

November Project has brought so much love and joy into my life. When I first started coming, I was beginning to transition out of a track and field career. I’d done my time and was leaving a team I had dedicated the previous 5 years to. A team that went from friends to family. Honestly, I didn’t really know what was going to happen next. Who was I now? A (very) large part of my identity was Kristjana the Bison. Kristjana the high jumper. But my passion for competing was fading and I knew it was time to move on. But to what?

Cue November Project. All of a sudden, I was excited again to run and to work out. I had a new team to cheer for and to feel a part of. A new team to dedicate my life to (Wait, did that sound too cult-y?) I was constantly pushing outside of my comfort zone. Not knowing the workout ahead of time was unknown and a little scary. Having to pair up with complete strangers? And do dips off their legs while they were wall sitting? Even scarier.

But I did it. And I made new friends while doing so and brought some old ones as well. Like many before me, I slowly became tricked into becoming a runner. (#raceeverything). I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the incredible support from the tribe. This group wants you to succeed. And they will help you whether it’s advice about racing, running, nutrition and everything in between, a long run partner, throwing you some kudos on strava or just that pump up speech or shout out that you really needed. The tribe inspires me to dream a little bigger, run a little faster.

And really, it’s not all about the running. It’s also that longer hug in the morning when they know you need it, or just that warm greeting when they don’t know how much you do. It’s that “keep going”, “good job”, and “you got this.” It’s that “see you next Wednesday” and “I’m glad you’re here.” It’s moving together when it’s cold and -31, the giggles during the bounce, and trying not to die during green sally. It’s plank circles while we get to know each other, burning out our lungs and our legs, and getting coffee afterwards. Its breakfast dates and track Tuesday. It’s also getting to know people from around the city and the world. It’s 46 badass tribes. It’s being connected. It’s strangers letting you stay with them and showing you around the city just because you’re both members of the same movement. It’s meeting people from Iceland, Malaysia, Boston, Amsterdam, Philly, Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver, and New York all in one trip. (Summit!!) it’s being brave enough to race up a mountain even though you’re a prairie girl and the only hill you know of is made of garbage. It’s someone you met though Instagram who sends you a November Project sticker for free because you commented how much you loved theirs. (True story!) it’s that smell of spray paint in the morning and the fresh tag you’ll proudly wear across your chest.

It’s family.

Whether you come weekly, once a month, or once in a while. Whether it’s in my city,or the 45 others. I love you all.

My identity now includes November Project. It’s the first thing I’m asked about when people try make small talk with me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When all else fails and my life feels like it’s falling apart, I know where I’ll be on Wednesday Morning, 6:14am. And you should know too, so #justshowup



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