Comfort Level (Yeg)

There is a special moment in every relationship when you feel comfortable enough to rip a fart in front of the other person.  When this moment comes, gone are the days of date-long belly aches and abuse of your car seat as you drive away from said date.  All things considered…it’s a good moment.

On a smaller scale, friendship also crosses certain milestones.  The ability to tell your buddy that they have a booger showing or that their morning yogurt is stuck in their beard doesn’t come easy to many, it takes a certain comfort level. I believe NP accelerates this process as would any quality time spent at 6am, sweating, morning breath-ing, snot rocketing, hugging and squeezing ears-ing.

I had at least 10 tribe members inform this morning that my bike bib’s air vent, that was positioned dangerously close to my undercarriage, did not look like it was meant to be there.  Actually they said, “Yo Ference, you have a hole in your pants!”.  These are true friends and I thank you for the permission to rip farts in front of you now.

Congrats to everyone for crushing race day!  See you at the hill on Friday.  Bring a buddy!

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