Wild & Crazy Kids (DEN)

Today the #NP5280 tribe rocked the Civic Center. It was fresh, it was boisterous, it was our birthday party. Yes we kinda celebrated last week, and yes we are celebrating even bigger next week. So what gives? We are November Project, and we do what we want.

Thanks to all who contributed and helped make today the biggest November Project Denver workout in post-prehistoric times.

You all reached out to friends, significant others, co-workers, illegitimate neighbors, and random strangers/mailmen/ store clerks/baristas/soccer moms to get the most important people to our workout. For that we are very grateful. Keep it up so that we continue into the winter with an epic, growing crew of the most awesome, positively amazing people, who make Denver a beautiful community that we are proud to call home.

High on Life,

Lieutenant Flanniel & General Mollz

FRI 6:15A Convention Center Stairs. Best HALLOWEEN Costume gets mad loot!!!

WED 6:15A (5:30A Early): Civic Center Amphitheater for sick workout & YEARBOOK photos! We will have 100+ smiling faces for #3014 breakthrough. Birthday theme, dress accordingly.


FRIDAY convention stairs location (Champa/Speer)
FRIDAY conventiond center stairs location (Champa/Speer)
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