Who Left the Fridge Open?

The winter is upon us…if you couldn’t tell by this morning’s temperature….or the day before that….or the day before that…..or….well… you get my point. Yet still we push on. Warm hugs, smiles, and coffee are the best cure for the winter time blues, and we have plenty of the first 2, and usually the last after the workout. People always ask… you workout ALL winter? Yes. Yes we do. There is something about the crispness of the air, the nip of the cold, and the subtle stillness of a city that preferred to stay in bed that morning that just makes you feel alive. For whatever reason, I have always preferred seeing the sunrise in the cold. Maybe it is because I know there are far fewer enjoying it than if it was warm – Mother Nature putting on a much more intimate show like when a musician decides to play in a hole-in-the wall rather than a huge stadium. If it is that, or if it is something else, I can’t think of a better way to spend the morning than working out with some of my favorite people before the sun comes up, then enjoying the sunrise with those same people, as Mother Nature plays an epic melody not dissimilar from Queen playing Bohemian Rhapsody, Led Zeppelin playing Stairway to Heaven, or Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

This morning the stairs were too icy to justify the workout we had planned. Mary was on her way to Florida, so Jay and I were left to do some quick thinking and adjusted, we will just keep those stairs in our back pocket for another time ;).

Today saw the return of the LEGENDARY Coach John to Gracie. When I asked him if he missed the view he responded with a reminiscent “Yes” that made me think of the cold, dark 5:28 mornings where he and Paul were at the helm, and the only thing to keep me warm were the relationships I built with that 5:28 squad and to work as hard as my body would let me. John, thanks for coming and spending your morning with us.

Friday, as per my last blog will be in Washington Square Park. Bundle up, because the weatherperson is calling for a “Winter Bomb Cyclone”……whatever that means. As long as it’s not a sharknado with sharks with “freaking lasers” on their “freaking heads” but instead of laser beams they shoot ice rays we will be out there with warm hugs, smiles, and post-workout coffee. See you Friday.


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