Who is here for you? (Ottawa)

The answer to this question is we, Liz and Lauren, are, NP HQ is, your fellow NP members and the NP community in Ottawa. There is a lot we don’t know, a lot we are learning, a lot we are figuring out, but we never feel we are doing this alone. And what we are confident in, is that we can always listen. This doesn’t mean we will have an immediate answer or solution, but we can always be a listening ear for you to lean into, even in these virtual times. Perhaps there is less we can observe and pick up on than usual in person times and nuances, but even then, we don’t always know what may be happening, or that you may be struggling with.

Perhaps you have friends, family, or others you turn to, and we don’t have the expectation that do come to us with your concerns, but we want you to know that you CAN. One of those instances we feel we are responsible is if there are any community agreements that are not followed through on. These are vital to create the safe environment that is part of the core values and mission of NP.

The reason we want to share this with you is because there have been some instances in other cities where community agreements were not adhered to, conversations were had and in some cases, individuals have been asked not to involve themselves in anything NP related. These kinds of decisions are not taken lightly. Here are the Community Agreements

Such a great morning of abs galore, holy moly, how is that going to feel tomorrow?! Wonderful to see all your faces, and rowing arms!

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time and your energy with us. Here’s to bringing “soles” together,

Liz and Lauren


1. Sign the waiver. If you have done so, put a facebook comment under this post “Waiver signed. Have a GREAT day” that you have completed this. Having read this, we get to see who even reads the blog at all! If you comment the quote above, it sets an awesome example that 1) you signed the waiver and is a good reminder to others to sign in if they want to come to a workout again and 2)makes people want to know what they are missing if everyone is commenting the same thing! WAIVER HERE

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