While You Sleep, He Lifts Logs (SF)

Think you’re ‘hardcore?’ Think you are a ‘badass’? What’s that word every fucking NP tribe uses this day…oh, yes…do you think you’re ‘fierce?’

Well, you’re not.

While you are sleeping, Ben Dickens, the Brick, trains.

I was able to squat it out with the Brick this morning and ask him about his daily routine. This is how a day in the life looks:

3:00 AM- Two dozen raw eggs. In one gulp.

3:02 AM- I rearrange all the furniture in my house. It is a great workout and also plays up my inner desire to be an interior designer.

4:35 AM- I start my morning run which ranges anywhere from 20-87 miles. Depends on how far I went the day before. And how many bathroom breaks I have to take.

8:32 AM- 4 blenders of protein powder and whole milk. Oh and chia seeds. My sister tells me that’s the new ‘it’ food.

9:00 AM- I plank for an hour while watching the Live! With Kelly and Michael. Love me some Kelly Ripa.

10:00 AM- In the back parking lot I turn smart cars over. Don’t worry, I always put them back.

12:00 PM- Swim across the Pacific.

11:00 PM- Sauna for an hour, because, gosh darnit, I deserve it!

12:00 AM- Gymnasium open tumble class to keep the limbs bendy!

2:00 AM- Tear some trees out of the backyard. Chew on the bark. Rebury them.



Good luck keeping up with the Brick, Sarah Moret. Good luck with that.


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