While BG’s is gone… (BOS)

Dear BG,

I know that you’re reading this post from Brooklyn hoping to find out how this morning’s workout went, so I’ll try to recap all the events as accurately as possible so you don’t feel like you missed out on anything.

The workout started when Dan Bertelleti showed up in the Marcus Camby Nuggests jersey. Then I sent all the dudes down to Brighton side while the ladies descended the opposite way, towards the Beacon street. On their way up the hill, while passing the Summit Path, everyone did the stair spice. We did this for 45 minutes (some did more, some did less), but everyone got their asses kicked!

Officer Brother stopped by to say hello and borrow Elin’s car battery. #TheTribeDrivesPrius

Post workout celebrations featured squeaky-clean #PositivityAward (thank you Kelvin Ma) going to our friend Aiden Kleer who’s graduating from Boston Conservatory and moving back to Canada. Aiden is not the dude that will be screaming his lungs out at the top of the section 37, or sending 50 NP related tweets in row, but he’s the dude that will get your ass to the workout when working out is the last thing you want to do.

Two of our birthday boys log-rolled down the hill while the tribe half laughed-half sang the birthday song. It was pretty lame, you would hate it.

I have to tell you, the tribe was on their best behavior this whole week making my life super easy while you’re away. Maybe you should leave more often?

Well that’s it my dude. Enjoy your time in NYC and I’ll see you on Monday at the location that we repeated few times but still love as much as we did on the first time – Clemente Field.


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