Which Tree – Holiday Brain (PHL)

This morning instead of us greeting the sun – she greeted us with her bright bold light – quite an incredible way to kick of Memorial Day Weekend!

The tribe however, wasn’t as bright and bold as the sun was to get to it at the workout. We bounced and all seemed as if it would be a regular Friday of fun in the sun on The Hill. However, the tribe was confused. We’ll call this Holiday Brain.
First order of business – get in a team of three and head to that tree over there (the one tree over there). Lay0 and I were questioned “which tree?” “so we need to be in a big group?” “what happens then?” I guess sometimes we make it way too simple for y’all. 🙂
Eventually we wrangled the tribe together in teams of three at said tree. Each team took 27 strides from the tree and was to begin the workout. Teammate A, burpees, teammate B, plank jumps, Teammate C, run to the tree and back – then rotate. The teams took their strides and stood ready… stood being the operative word. It took us a minute to get y’all moving!
Good news is, Holiday Brain didn’t last too long – once you all shook it off, bodies were moving, sweat was flowing and there was plenty of hooting and hollering to be had.

Then we switched it up! Ten minutes in and we ran some sprints. Ten minutes later a new team of three was found and the beginning of the workout repeated, then more sprints – and the cherry on top of the workout was three minutes of burpees in honor of our three day weekend!

We all survived the confusion and got in a killer workout!
We all earned our holiday weekend!

Beth was awarded the hard hat by Lindy (as Nat has already hit the shore for the long weekend). Well deserved for sure Beth and we hope you enjoy the “accessory” to the fullest!


Be safe this weekend. Have fun! Be good to each other and everyone you encounter! We’ll see you again next week!


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