Where do we start?

If you haven’t had a chance to read the November Project community agreements, the full list is here: https://november-project.com/community-agreements/

Here are a couple we thought we would bring to light. There is work to do to improve their implementation in our city.  

LEAD Together

We ask members to be active participants at November Project workouts and events, while also representing this community seven days a week. We all have a role and a responsibility to represent this global movement. From wearing #GrassrootsGear around the world, being November Project member does not stop at 7:30AM. Kindness, accountability, and hard work, are contagious, so feel free to spread them around.


At November Project, we choose to call others in, as opposed to out. We ask members to engage in thoughtful conversation, with active listening, when presented with a disagreement or potentially offensive action. Learning from one another in these diverse environments will only further grow our communities and move us forward with love and respect. If you ever feel unsafe or do not feel comfortable engaging in these types of conversations.

To further expand on calling in…

“Calling in is not a guarantee that everyone will joyfully work together. It is simply the extension of grace, the opportunity to grow and to share learning and responsibility for each other.” This quote is from the article, Speaking Up Without Tearing Down by Loretta J.Ross and we thought we could all start from here:


We know we have a responsibility to learn and be better. And if you are open to it, we hope you can help this community be better. With your contributions to the learning, to the dialogue, to engaging in dinner time conversations. If you are open, we’d like to take steps to take that action with us.

Thank you for sharing your morning, dad jokes, patio updates, coffee and smiles with us.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together. 

Lauren and Liz


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