What’s up for this week? A challenge (Ottawa)

So, time for reflections during this period of unique times. We have learned about what zoom workouts mean. It’s been honestly better than we thought it would be! We get to share the morning with the beautiful faces of NP Ottawa. We are missing your hugs, but we are looking for the good that appears on the screen at 6:29am. But can we do better? What is the most important thing to make sure the 31 minutes we have together?

Well, from our perspective, we make sure to keep it that anyone can just show up. That remains (let us know if you have invited anyone who has had trouble just showing up). Aside from some technical difficulties, that has been the case. You can expect, like our in-person workouts, that we will start at 6:29am and finish at 7am. You can expect positive vibes, smiles, connection and high fives (virtual at the moment), bday booms and announcements. One new component is that we have been incorporating is the Global NP workout. We think it’s a pretty unique time where we can almost “share” the morning with the greater community, in the shared common experience that the world is going through. We modify the workout to make it fit with our consistent 31 min time frame, and push it at the end with the burnout. We do a post-workout virtual coffee, a chance for some conversation, a check in, fun facts, dad jokes, and funny things that we are learning or that are happening in the day to day. Even if you are listening the conversation, you are contributing to the community.

So those are some of the things that been going on, but after some conversations and reflection, we have wondered what else can we do to challenge one another, hold each other accountable and stay connected? We feel the above are important components and why. What we feel we can do better is connecting at other times during the week. We want to actually hear about some of the ways that are getting you out of bed and moving at other days during the week. We have come up with a couple of ideas, and have it open for the creativity of this community. We want to know what is getting you up and moving, and who can you inspire to give someone else the push who needs it?

Focus: Challenge and Connection


  1. Complete 1 zoom/facetime workout with at least 1 other person
  2. Text/call/video a friend about a workout you are doing and text/call/video them once you have completed it
  3. When you have completed a workout, challenge a friend to do the same one and have them share with you once they have completed that
  4. Share the trick that gets you out of bed for an early morning workout- a song, a quote, an alarm sound, a positive thought, a reminder of your goals, a person, a particular workout, a motivating thought?
  5. Come up with your own challenge that meets the challenge and connection criteria and share

One critical piece of this challenge is to share a photo and tag us in it @novprojectottawa (i.e. a screen shot, the nature you were in, the text you sent, the workout you did, other??) We want to pass on the ideas to inspire others. What can you do that will inspire others? How can you be challenged right now? What gets you out of bed and moving?

Here’s to bringing “soles” together, in a slightly different and creative way.

Liz and Lauren

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