Whatcha Got For 2mins? (YEG)

An attribute of NP that I love is an individual’s willingness to push. To give a little more than you were seconds before. Maybe if the comment wasn’t made, or if a dedication wasn’t set, then the last 2min little burn out wouldn’t happen. Maybe you’d keep doing your thing or maybe slow down knowing that the workout is almost done. What I love seeing is our community getting out of their own head and just driving towards the goal.

“Two mins left whatcha got?!?”

Like a flip of the switch I can see your body change. Yes even in the dark I can see that change in your form, the spring in your step, or deep exhale solidifying your goal. The gears turn, your mind says something like “Ya I can keep going for 2 more mins.” I am not going to lie is addicting to watch. Seeing you push yourself a little bit more makes me smile. Even if in the moment you curse my name hahaha. Seriously though, in the heat of that moment you may not be able to tell but you are inspiring others. In that moment you’ve taken the responsibility to show everyone around you that you are here to push yourself and grow.

Thank you for choosing to show up being your best self today – see you Friday 🙂

Keep being awesome,



  • Friday: Walterdale hill – Grassroots gear tagging day. Bring one brightly coloured top. We tag on the front and only in black.
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