What Rain? (DCA)

The forecast said rain. Heavy rain. The forecast will say all kinds of things. Especially as we approach colder weather involving rain, ice, snow, sleet, wind chills, and whatever else Ma Nature throws our way. This is when we separate the men from the boys. The women from the girls. The adult armadillos from the baby armadillos.

The difference between other groups and us is that we will always SHOW UP. No matter the weather, we are there. The reasoning stems from the idea of a team. When you play a sport on a team, each individual needs to be there for practice or the team doesn’t improve. We show up every MWF so we can push each other and encourage each other to be better, faster, stronger, KANYE (what?).

When the going gets tough and it gets harder and harder to get out of bed and step out the door, just know that your friends and fellow NPers are expecting you to show up. We all hold each other accountable, get some good work in, continue to build this community, and SPREAD LOVE. Plus, hugs get even better in the cold.

BIG THINGS coming up for us here in the District:

FRIDAY: Kalorama Park in AdMo. 6:30AM #EarnYourWeekend

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 22nd: 1 YEAR Anniversary NP_DC. Hype this big. We’re taking over Penn Social. Facebook event here.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 5th: 3 YEAR Anniversary of November Project Worldwide. Mugshots will be taken (yearbook style).

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