Crazy Eights – MAJOR (NYC)

It got crazy here in NYC.  You can tell by the cover photo where the 5:28 a.m. group went all Boy Band on us. The NYC Tribe tackled a brand-new course–a larger version of our typical Crazy Eights.  Crazy Eights – MAJOR! You know, sorta like the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.  Shit reached astronomical levels!

photo 3-1
We don’t fuck around!!!!!!

We split Tribe up into two group–even birth months and odd birth months.  The odd birth month peeps started with  the right (Mansion) loop while the left group started with the left loop.  After completing the right loop, our peeps did 8 burpees. After the right loop was completed, we did 8 dips. We WENT HARD for 40 straight minutes.

photo 1
Positivity Award: Nina to Alex! DONE!


Let us know if you’re down for the October 25th Charles Schurz Park Community Service Day. The Tribe gives back.

Friday Location: Union Square – E. 17th & broadway (Farmer’s Market, North Part near Barnes & Nobles).  Look for all the neon shirts and listen for Fuck Yeah’s if you can’t find us.



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