What Happened?

I actually can’t tell you with any accuracy what happened at NP this morning…  Nadim was at a mariachi conference in the middle of Idaho or something and I just got back from winning tree hugging awards at the World Trade Center.  True story.  Jen is somehow still at school even though the janitor left 2 hours ago, so she asked me to take a guess at what went down this AM.

I would guess Jerrold brought the heat with the bounce, he basically dominates the substitute teacher category at NP Canada.  If there were new people, the were obviously the badass kind who don’t try NP when it’s actually nice out.  The hill kicked ass and won again.  Dogs pooped.  Then they ran.  Then they smelled eachother’s butts.  Someone uploaded to Strava and finally put together the segment riddle. (Mind blown)  It was someone’s birthday and the people inside of Kinsmen heard the BOOOOM!  Someone gave the finger to the weather, people hugged and Jen went to work.  Baddabing. 

Stay tuned to Twitter/Insta for Monday location and have an epic weekend on the slopes.  

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