What a day…(YEG)

This was the craziest Friday ever *wink wink* The normal leaders were away for one workout and I can’t believe things went so awry *wink wink*. If leadership is reading this you’ll never guess what happened!! Ask anyone that was there and they will confirm the same thing. The timeline of these events were just so dark. *wink wink*

For those of us at the workout we all saw the doppelgangers of our leaders this morning – Jen, Nadim, and Andrew! As you can see in the photographic evidence below, the only way to tell the difference was the facial hair on their faces. Almost as though they were the opposite versions of our leaders *wink wink*.

This was such a crazy sight we just had to interview them. Find those interviews below as they recap the morning from their own perspectives:





What did you think of today’s workout?

Oh it was such a fun day. I can’t believe I was able to hand out 151, -30 badges!


Wait, but it was like +15°C

I know but I just felt like you should all have one. Even if you got one before.



Leaving the workout I did feel a little rushed this morning. I had to run off to work since I have such crazy hours over the summer. I can’t wait until the school year starts and then its #jendoesnthavetogotowork.



How about you Andrew? I saw that you drove to the workout today.

Ya man I really hate biking so driving is really the only way for me. The workout was alright. This was my 781st consecutive November Project workout. Participating in so many in a row it was nice seeing so many familiar faces out today. I did my normal roll call of everyone at the workout and did notice that Jen E, Chloe, Chris, and Matt were absent from the workout today. I hope to see them at the next one.






….This all feels so surreal. I am almost scared to ask but Nadim what did you think of today?

I had no fun this morning at all. Someone tried to offer me a cookie! BLAAA I hate cookies



They are the absolute worst. All warm and chewy with chocolate chips – I hate them so much!! Give me a bowl of sour candies any day.


My head is starting to spin…

You’re telling me! I was just trying to get my workout in. I had my headphones in at full blast and I tried to avoid making eye contact with anyone. The tribe was so full of life. Everyone on the hill, I feel, just needs to ‘find the bland.’ There is no need to challenge yourself or seek out goodness. Bland is best.

Also thank goodness there was no high five line at the end. Such a waste of time.


I think I am going to need to lie down…





Wow what a day!!  Hopefully our regular leaders, that we know and love, come back soon.

Regardless of what did or didn’t happen this morning the tribe ate some hills for breakfast. We woke up, we kicked butt, we gave out the best high-fives, and we ate a giant gummy bear  (…you would have had to have been there)! You earned this weekend! Details for next week below:


#justshowup at 6AM

  • Monday – we are at the Victoria Hill Gazebo (by Le Marchand Mansion)
  • Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill


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