We’re Movin’ on UP!! (IND)

First things first, has anybody actually tried to cook beans on a grill?  Sure, they don’t burn…but wouldn’t they just fall through the grates?  Anyway, on with it.

As regularly as the sun gets woken up on the last Wednesday of the month, so happens Race Day.  Newbies (and traverbalers) came from hour and a half+ long drives just to get their fill of the War Memorial steps.  PR’s were dropping like sweat angels and the up-and-overs were rising like the humidy…but everybody brought it today and left it all out there.  Literally left it all out there.  I may get a call from the Memorial Police telling me to hose down all the sweat angels we made.  But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As if today couldn’t get any better…we announced our Sister City!!  We are as happy as the guy who rings the trolley bell on the Rice-a-Roni commercial to have the City by the Bay as our sister city.  San Francisco, we can’t wait to get to know you better, creepily stalk and troll you on social media, and virtually hug every one of you.  More details to come on that at next week’s workout (since we know some of you are “strategically busy” on race day).

Full house

(Copyright and all rights reserved and all that shit to Bob Saget and Ranger Joe, since he’s the greatest guy I know)

Shout-outs go to newbie Lexi who drove from Terre Haute just for the workout (after getting off work at 3am) as well as Boston Adam (new to us but definitely not new to NP) who drove all the way down from Fort Wayne!!  Also – Casey who snuck in and dominated on his way to day two of his bar exam.  Looks like the vibes we sent you last week are working!!  In general – everybody crushed it today.  My new favorite Ciele hat (no clue how that is pronounced by the way) is off to each and every one of you.  Thanks to Jaden for the pics and Anne for the paint crew!!


(Traverballed AND drove 2 hours to get to the workout!!)

 Thanks for making Wednesday morning the best morning of my week once again.  Much love.

Ding Ding!

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